Credit Management Company's Technology

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We utilize multiple service partners to identify valid and up-to-date contact information for debtors who may have relocated or had a change in phone number. This technology allows us to reach more debtors and leads to higher liquidity rates.

Payment Scoring

By incorporating analytics and applying a Payment Score provided by our first-in-class partner, we can determine the likelihood of payment by patient. This score is used in addition to, or in combination with balance size, and the last day worked to build effective recovery strategies. The Payment Score predicts the likelihood that a debtor will repay a debt within the next three months.

Payment Processing

Our Collections Services team has the ability to take payments in a variety of forms including (1) walk-ins, (2) mail, (3) phone pad payments, (4) on-line payments via website and (5) speaking with a CMC Agent.

Remote Client Access

We are proud of the level of work and effort that goes into each account that is placed with CMC, and we want our business partners to always have secure access to that information from just about anywhere with just a few clicks of a mouse and keystrokes.

If you are a current client, and have not taken advantage of this communication tool, please contact us at or call us at 1-800-472-1483 to have your account setup. A teleconference can also be set-up to walk you through navigation accompanied by an easy to follow manual.