Early Out Program

Credit Management Company uses an Early Out program for A/R Management. Early Out services provide a cost-effective method of turning your outstanding accounts receivables into cash as quickly as possible. Avoid bad debt by utilizing sophisticated technology and highly trained personnel to ensure timely communication with your patients.

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What is the Early Out Program?

The early out program is flexible and can be customized to fit your needs and revenue cycle. This program works as an extended business office, therefore all written communication is dispersed on your letterhead with a self-enclosed envelope. In addition, a toll free number answered in your name is provided for your patients to utilize for payments, questions, or inquiries.

According to a McKinsey report, 53 percent of patients are more willing to make their payments if they understand what is owed. The goal of an early out self-pay program is to have to move fewer accounts to bad debt collections. CMC works with patients early in the process, communicating as soon as possible about the details of their bills and payment options. Patients who receive communications like this and understand what they are being billed for are more likely to pay.

Why Early Out?

By employing an Early Out program, you are more likely to get paid because you offer patients and customers more options. Having a more positive relationship between you and your patients creates an atmosphere in which they are more likely to pay their bills. Allow the patient to clearly understand their financial obligations and the options for their payment such as assistance and payment plans. These communications can make all the difference in the health of a patient/hospital relationship.

  • Reduced Bad Debt
  • Increased Timely Payments
  • Improved Relationships
  • 24/7 Payment Processing

Early Out Programs Include:

  • Pre Collections

    Start your patient payment plan earlier to increase the rate of success of your debt collection.

  • Patient Friendly Statements

    Put patients first with friendly billing statements sent at regular intervals.

  • Dedicated Extended Business Office

    Dedicated phone support for your patients, answered in your name.

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