First Party Accounts Receivable Management utilizes a series of statements or letters along with inbound and outbound calls to achieve collection objectives.

Credit Management Company's (CMC) First Party Accounts Receivable Management service provides a cost-effective method of turning your outstanding accounts receivables into cash as quickly as possible. By utilizing sophisticated technology and highly trained personnel, we are able to assure timely communication with your customers.

The Accounts Receivable Management program is flexible and can be customized to fit your needs. This program is a seamless extension of your operations therefore all written communication is dispersed on your letterhead with a self-enclosed envelope. In addition, a toll free number answered in your name is provided for your customers to utilize for payments, questions, or inquiries.

First Party Accounts Receivable Management Services include:
  • Pre-collections
  • Early Out
  • Primary collections
  • Account scoring

Our team is committed to helping you increase net revenue and reduce the Accounts Receivable cycle while providing a high level of satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about ways to increase your collections and improve your bottom line.

Advantages of First Party Accounts Receivable Management Services
  • Reduction in bad debt
  • Improved public and customer relations
  • Prompt payment processing, 24/7