Bad Debt Recovery

Credit Management Company uses advanced skip tracing techniques, debt collection technologies and strategies to improve your collections and expedite payments. Our programs are designed to reduce the time your team spends on delinquent accounts while improving your cash flow.

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What is bad debt recovery?

When a business has delinquent accounts, bad debt accrues and cash flow dwindles. Bad debt recovery is the process of locating and contacting debtors, validating, and reporting on debts, and establishing payment plans. Third-party bad debt recovery services can manage this process, so you can allocate resources to other important business priorities.  


Consumer debt in the United States has passed the $4 trillion mark according to the Federal Reserve. That debt exists across many industries, and CMC has decades of experience developing effective bad debt recovery plans that help consumers establish payment plans and increase cash flow for businesses.

Why use a bad debt recovery service?

Locating, validating, and collecting on debts takes time and resources away from other areas of your business. CMC’s highly trained personnel use the latest skip tracing techniques, probability-to-pay scores, and advanced negotiation to assist in liquidating your accounts. Our proven systems and processes manage debt recovery so your team can focus on managing your business.  


Our secure web-based client communication system provides 24-7 access to any accounts you’ve placed with CMC, so you can always see the status of our debt recovery efforts. Our client-centered approach, cutting-edge technologies and successful liquidation results have made CMC one of the most sought after agencies in the industry.

  • Decrease Accounts Receivable
  • Free Credit Bureau Reporting
  • Monday Through Sunday Debtor Contact
  • Payment Plan Setup and Monitoring

Debt Recovery Services Include:

  • Skip Tracing

    Identify valid, up-to-date contact information from proven, reliable service partners.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    Fully FDCPA-compliant service from professional collections personnel.

  • Best-In-Class Technology

    Access to the latest skip tracing and payment processing technologies.

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