Expediting cash flow is the name of the game.

First Party AR

Credit Management Company's (CMC) Bad Debt Recovery Services are designed to reduce the time your team spends on delinquent accounts and to expedite cash flow. By utilizing our highly trained staff, you'll be able to allocate resources on other important business matters.

The combination of a validation notice and phone contact from a third party agency, advanced skip tracing techniques, probability-to-pay scores, and credit bureau reporting assists us with the liquidation of your accounts. Our client service approach and liquidation results position us as one of the most sought after agencies in the industry. Communication is key to our business relationships and providing a 24/7 secure view of our work through any web browser exhibits our commitment to you.

Bad Debt Recovery Services include:

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Advantages of Bad Debt Recovery Services
  • Decrease in accounts receivables
  • Free credit bureau reporting
  • Monday through Saturday debtor contact
  • Best-in-class technology
  • Payment plan set up and monitoring

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