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Core Values

When you partner with CMC, delinquent accounts and communication mishaps become a thing of the past.

Credit Management Company (CMC) has had a strategic association with the education market since 1990.We understand the importance of maintaining the community image of our education business partners while being sensitive to the financial situations of their students and alumni. Direct results for our clients coupled with maintaining sensitivity is why our reputation in this industry has remained unparalleled.

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CMC agents are well-versed in all debt recovery techniques, loan programs, and federal and state laws – working with the individuals to determine the best method and source of repayment while acting in the best interest of our client.

We operate a separate department that focuses on education-specific collections because we know that industry knowledge is extremely important and effects your dollars collected. To enhance our approach, we also use skip tracing techniques, letter and call campaigns, state-of-the-art dialers, a sophisticated account management system, and credit bureau reporting.

It is important that we maintain very clear communication in our business relationships so, when working with CMC, you will get a secure view of our work on your web browser whenever you want, day or night.

Our client service approach and liquidation results positions us as one of the most sought after agencies in the industry.

If a communication tool is required to reach a large number of students or members of the community, our Rapid Response service is an extremely efficient, cost-saving vehicle that can be utilized. Some layouts of the program can include informing the population of upcoming school events, weather emergencies, class schedule updates or alumni fundraising campaigns.