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Core Values

All of our programs are designed to allow us to become an extension of your business office and easily communicate with your patient population.

Credit Management Company (CMC) has been partnering with the healthcare market since 1966. Our clients have benefited from our Extended Business Office (EBO) services which focus on the front end of the revenue cycle as well as Debt Recovery services for patients with delinquent accounts. All of our agents adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and HIPAA medical privacy laws while working as an extension of your business office. Every program is carefully designed to work flawlessly with your staff and patient population.

CMC's team is well equipped to help you with Early Out collections from day 1. Our patient friendly statements are designed to explain patient charges in a concise and clarifying way so they understand how the final balance is derived without confusion. This deliberate approach helps minimize frequent calls to your billing office and prompts faster payment.

Each program can be customized to meet your needs, incorporating your policies and approach to collecting from your patient population. We are appropriately staffed allowing us to manage 100% of your inventory. Our patient account representatives speak with more patients - enabling them to receive prompt payments, qualify patients for financial assistance, and identify additional billing and insurance coverage to alleviate roadblocks to payment. Using a customer service approach, our patient account representatives are trained to work with the patient to satisfy their self-pay balances owed to you.

Incorporating predictive scoring analytics and charity identification further enhances our results. All of our scores are created using an algorithm that never touches the credit bureaus and are also available to you for your own internal review.


For Healthcare clients that do not require a full scale Early Out program, we offer a letter and patient friendly statement service.

Patient Friendly Statements
Patient Friendly Statements can be sent to the guarantor with your logo, an OCRA lockbox line, and return payment envelope. We have two statements for this purpose: 1) self-pay balance after insurance and 2) true self-pay with or without a discount. The statements concisely explain how the final balance due is derived by summarizing patient charges, insurance adjustments, patient payments and clarifying any further adjustments.

Pre-Collection Letters
Our letter writing services can be used in conjunction with your internal collection effort prior to placing accounts with a collection agency. The service helps to separate accounts that require minimal collection effort from those that require extensive effort.

Other Communications
In instances where a communication letter is required to be sent to your customer, our letter experts and mail house will work with you to deliver your message. An example may include a letter to your patient stating that insurance has been billed and asking them to verify listed insurance.

CMC's experienced staff can provide timely and accurate follow-up of your insurance accounts. The follow-up consists of phone and mail contact with payers in order to accelerate claim resolution.

Once the claim has been paid, our staff will verify the accuracy of the payment through review of contracted reimbursement rates found in your Managed Care contracts. When a discrepancy occurs, we will continue our follow-up efforts until all contracted amounts are paid. We can also verify that all payments meet the timeliness language of the appropriate contracts.

Our charity score is a five digit score that is used to help determine the different tiers of charity available to your patient population according to your charity policy. The score can be broken up into two sections. The first two digits are based upon the federal poverty guidelines. The last three digits are the payment score.

Charity analysis scores can be provided to you as part of your Early Out program's monthly inventory report. Or if more applicable, a separate electronic file will be forwarded to you through our secure ftp site allowing you to append those scores to your system. Once the data is captured, simple modeling can be completed based on your charity policies to assess accounts for presumptive charity write-off or those that should receive an application for further charity eligibility assessment. It should be noted that during this analytical scoring process, the credit bureaus of your patients will never be accessed, so not to generate undesirable complaints.

Our Bad Debt division is responsible for collecting outstanding debt and reducing the time and frustration you spend on delinquency. Our staff is comprised of highly trained, experienced agents. We strictly abide by a code of ethics and remain in compliance with all industry guidelines and regulations.

Our Bad Debt division consists of highly trained, experienced agents. The department strictly abides by a code of ethics and remains in compliance with all healthcare industry guidelines and regulations. Because industry knowledge is extremely important and impacts dollars collected, we employ a healthcare-specific collections team. We also use a sophisticated account management system, state-of-the-art dialers, predictive scoring analytics, and call campaigns to better our approach.

At CMC, we know that communication is important when working with our clients. To show our commitment to you, we provide a secure view of our work through any web browser 24/7.

Over the years, our liquidation results and client service approach have positioned us as a highly sought after agency in the industry.

We offer a comprehensive Post-Discharge Calling Service to enhance patient satisfaction, outcomes, and alleviate administrative burdens on well-paid clinical staff.

Every CMC Post-Discharge program is designed to meet your specific needs and can include post-discharge follow up as well as patient satisfaction questions. CMC's highly qualified, non-clinical Patient Service Representatives will be trained on your brand to ensure the service is seamless and your good reputation and relationships with patients is preserved. By partnering with us, you will maximize the number of patients reached post-discharge, gain consistency in follow-up call techniques, and receive best-in-class reporting to understand successes, areas of improvement, and trends. Let our call center operational expertise become yours.