Our COVID-19 Response

CMC has always been committed to treating everybody with empathy, courtesy, and respect. We maintain these values now more than ever during this difficult time. Our 100% remote workforce is prepared to assist your patients.

Welcome to CMC. 

It is our goal to decrease your accounts receivable through enhanced strategy and with our experienced staff. Our team of professionals work with various clients across the country to significantly improve their revenue cycle management by utilizing best-in-class technology to collect first party collections, third party collections and denials management resolutions. We help build consumer relationships by improving the experience during the collections process. 

We are successful because of our patient-centric approach. We abide by the highest ethical standards when it comes to recruiting and training our team. Patient Account Representatives receive constant, on-going evaluations even beyond the initial training period to ensure patients and customers are treated with respect and understanding. We know that by cultivating a relationship with patients, we build trust, therefore increasing collections for our clients.

We have proven success for our clients because  of our state-of-the-art technology, an efficient implementation process and a proven collection strategy. We hold ourselves accountable through comprehensive monthly performance reporting that can be customized to client preference. Through omnichannel solutions, we offer complete contact center solutions to our clients, which increases the patient experience. By closing the cross-channel gap and integrating processes, CMC is better equipped to drive more successful strategies.

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