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CMC offers debt recovery and customer care services to the financial, communications, utilities, and waste management industries.



  • Advanced Dialing Technology
  • Rapid Response
  • Predictive Scoring
  • Skip Tracing
  • Payment Processing
  • Remote Client Access

Quickly recover outstanding receivables with our debt recovery and alert notification services.

Since 1966, Credit Management Company (CMC) has been delivering outstanding results to clients across multiple consumer segments. Our services are designed to provide a cost-effective method of turning receivables into cash as quickly as possible. In addition to our well-trained ACA certified staff, we utilize sophisticated technology to assure above average collection results and a communication platform that keeps our partners informed of our progress.

If you would like to learn more about our consumer services, read below.

Consumer Clients

Financial IndustrySince 1966, CMC has been partnering with the clients in the financial industry. We assist our financial service clients with debt recovery programs for Signature Loans, VISA Accounts, Debit Accounts, Negative Checking Accounts and Vehicle Repossessions. Our industry specific agents are well versed in financial collections and adhere to the FDCPA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act guidelines.

Communications IndustryThe communications industry is a highly competitive, fierce marketplace that has witnessed deregulation, mergers and the emergence of new technology. With such large amounts of money being invested in advertising and the need to maintain operating costs, healthy profits are necessary to remain competitive. We have been helping this sector cultivate cash to make a healthy bottom line attainable.

UtilitiesPlagued with an increasingly competitive business climate, utility companies are looking for ways to collect past due accounts without distancing them from their customers. We provide our partners in the utility sector with a variety of service options to recover cash quickly and efficiently.

Waste ManagementIn a highly competitive market with so many consumer choices, it's important to keep a fair balance between customer satisfaction and company profits. We have helped large waste management companies collect on outstanding accounts while maintaining a positive community image. In addition, our mass notification tool helps keep your customers informed about changes in service so there aren't unhappy customer calls that your team needs to field.

Debt Recovery Services

Our Debt Recovery division is responsible for collecting outstanding debt and reduces the time and frustration clients spend on delinquency. Our staff is comprised of highly trained, experienced, ACA certified agents. We strictly abide by a code of ethics and remain in compliance with all industry guidelines and regulations.

Because industry knowledge is extremely important and impacts dollars collected, we operate separate departments to focus on industry-specific collections. Our approach is also enhanced with the utilization of state-of-the-art dialers, predictive scoring analytics, call campaigns, and a sophisticated account management system.

A combination of letters and phone contact from a third party agency, advanced skip tracing techniques, probability-to-pay scores, and credit bureau reporting assists us with the liquidation of our clients' accounts.

Our client service approach and liquidation results positions us as one of the most sought after agency in the industry. Communication is key to our business relationships and providing a 24/7 secure view of our work through any web browser exhibits our commitment.

Customer Care - Notification Messages

A customized message is created to relay announcements such as event reminders, emergency announcements, and changes in service.